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Not sure how working for Inchwater is different?

We have caregivers with a huge variety of backgrounds. Some are professionals looking for a change of career or provider, some are older people looking for an additional income during their retirement, some are younger people working through their apprenticeship. There is no ‘regular’ caregiver, but what we have found is that people with experience, coming from other providers or who are returning to the workplace, notice the difference in how we work from day 1.

Here is an example – Carolyn (name changed for privacy) came to us as she had previously worked in care. One of the first differences she noticed is that we pay travel and wait time. Why is this so different? Because her previous employer didn’t allow for travel time and she was expected to ‘clip’ calls (i.e. take a few minutes off the visit time to ensure she could get to her next client). With Inchwater, she saw that we not only allow for travel time, but also paid her for the time she spent getting from A to B (as well as her fuel). This meant that when she started at 8am and finished at 1pm, she earned a full 5 hours of pay and wasn’t stressed through rushing around. A simple difference, but a meaningful one.

Similarly, Sarah (name changed for privacy) walked to her clients and was astounded to find that we paid her to do so. Why wouldn’t we?

Two simple examples which highlight a range of ways in which we try to look after our carers.

Here are some of the benefits we offer…

  • We will pay for your DBS when you start and throughout your career with us
  • You will immediately start to accrue holiday (28 days pro rata)
  • We offer very competitive pay rates from £13 per hour (after probation) to £26.00 per hr
  • Enhanced rates for unsocial hours and weekend working from £14.50/hr (after probation) to £25.00 per hr
  • We pay travel time between calls
  • Paid mileage from when you leave home. Do you walk to your visits? We’ll pay you for that too!
  • Paid annual leave
  • Guaranteed hours following successful probation
  • We’ll pay for your ongoing training, with nationally recognised, level 2 short-courses in subjects such as Dementia, Pressure Care etc
  • Fully funded, nationally recognised training (NVQ’s 2, 3, 4 and 5 offered)
  • We will encourage and support you to take your career further. We will suppport you up to Level 5 (Care Manager), if that is where you would like to get to.

Why are we different? Caregiver Jade speaks from the heart:

Interested in joining our growing team? Fill in the form below, or call us now on 01304 241684 and we’ll call you back. Alternatively, if you like what you see, you can apply here.

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